Salty Lesson

Lamb of salt      With children      Fish of salt      With adults

This is a fun attraction – education with salt at sculptor’s Tauras Česnulevičius workshop. Why salt? Beacause the name of our resort is salty (druska – salt, Druskininkai – salty place). At the Salt Studio you will knead, form, gouge and dry in the oven your own salties. And after all we will organise the exhibition of your creations! The purpose of the activity – to develop imagination, creativity, promote observation and stimulate ability to see exclusive forms of objects in nature and domestic surroundings. We emphasize both the final result and the processes of search and creation. The most important thing for us – your blazing eyes with curiosity and desire, that the creative process does not ever end in everyday life …

The program is designed for different age groups.

  • Duration of the activity 1 h 45 min.
  • 50 people can work at the same time.
  • Classes are conducted in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English.

Visit us and it will be salty up to the sweet!