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Aušra and Tauras

Aušra and Tauras

A bit away from Druskininkai centre, on the bank of the river Ratnyčėlė, the artists Aušra and Tauras Česnulevičiai create original and unexpected works in their homestead. As their heads are always teemed with various ideas, the works are gouged not only from wood but also from salt. They can even rotate and move!

Aušra Česnulevičienė
I am an art critic, guide.
I do organize sightseeing tours around Druskininkai and its surroundings, I work with groups and individual clients.

Tauras Česnulevičius
I am a sculptor, furniture-maker. I design and produce exclusive furniture for choosy customers.
My motto: each new work – is a step forward!

We say “YES” for creative families, young people and creativity from infancy!





Salty pair    Lady and gentelman of Salt    Christmas stroll    The whole family    At the homestead